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Primer Coat Painting Epoxy Zinc Rich Technical information

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Chemical component Epoxy zinc-rich primer 

Epoxy resin CAS No:61788-97-4

Molecular formula (C11H12O3)N 

Flash 252

Zinc powder CAS:7440-66-6

Chemical formula Zn thickener CAS:1302-78-9 

Molecular formula AL2O3. 4 (SiO2). .H2O

HI-EPOXY 1480 EPOXY ZINC RICH PRIMER is a twocomponent, fast dry, zinc rich primer with hard, abrasion and  weathering resistant film, providing catholic protection with good  corrosion resistance.

As long term protection of high performance primer, widely used  for bridges, petrochemicals, power generations, offshore facilities,  port machinery and hydro facilities etc under medium or heavy  corrosion environment. 11.png