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Al-Mg-Mn Roofing Cladding Panel System

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Al-Mg-Mn Roofing Cladding Panel System

Construction applications

Aluminum now ranks second in human production and metal application in life, second only to steel. in

In the process of smelting aluminum, other metals such as manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, tin, etc. are added to form various series of aluminum alloys


Aluminum alloy is mainly used in the construction industry for extruded profiles and rolled sheets. The TM aluminum extruded material commonly used in building doors and Windows mainly uses 6000 series aluminum alloy. The roof and wall system of Shuangshengda building mainly uses 3000 series aluminum magnesium and manganese alloy. The elongation, hardness, tensile strength and yield strength of 3000 series aluminum magnesium and manganese alloy are all suitable for the processing of roofing and rolling equipment. Therefore, it is widely used in roofing, wall system and other building peripheral protection projects, and with various painting systems and painting processes, the appearance becomes colorful.

Diverse options of metal materials

Metal plates such as copper plate, titanium-zinc plate, aluminum-Mg-mn alloy plate and stainless steel plate can be selected to support the roof system with vertical locking points.

In order to meet the architect's color requirements, the polyester paint specified by the international standard color cards RAL and NCS can be used for roller coating, the highest quality can be PVDF fluorocarbon coating system, special colors can be adjusted according to the architect and the owner's color palette.

Al-Mg-Mn panel

insulation layer

Aluminum halter

non-woven fabrics

 bottom steel sheet