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Nicaraguan Pedestrian Bridge
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Nicaraguan Pedestrian Bridge

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Types of Steel Building Structures

Steel building structures includes the portal rigid steel frame, frame structure, truss structure, and grid structure. The advantages and disadvantages of different structural systems vary, and the forms of stress are also different.

Steel Building Frame Structures are flexible and can form a larger space. It is widely used in the multi-story, high-rise, and super high-rise buildings, commercial office buildings, conference centers, and other buildings.

Truss is a quadrilateral truss, and the truss is generally a single row of trusses, triangle trusses, and quadrilateral trusses, which is also the most common kind of truss we usually use.

The force of the truss structure is a plane structure, which needs to be supported by the base and external force to form a stable structure, and it is a unidirectional force system

The advantage of the truss is that it can withstand tension and pressure, and can play a full role, thereby saving materials and reducing the weight of the structure.    Truss system is adopted when span is more than 150m.